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The symbol looks like a boring artist sketching in thirty seconds. All symbols are closely related to the subject, as they are somewhat related to driving. In fact, there is an exception - a pair of red dice - but fortunately there is no Aces, Kings or Queens.






The Highway Kings logo is shown in yellow in the top of the screen with large trucks on either side. Trucks are the main sign of wealth in this game, although you can earn good grades by finding matching combinations of other symbols. The steering wheel and tire icon are the lowest values for the game, four for just 10 and five for 50, but the sum has increased a lot since then. At the top of the scale are three trucks. For example, green trucks pay for five two, twenty three, 150 four and 1,000 five.

The background of this slot machine game is dark purple velvet tones, graphics make the game more enjoyable and attractive. The graphics are created in such a way that the edges are broken when hitting the right combination.

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There is also a progressive Golden Temple bonus, you must collect symbols to trigger the selection of 3 temple bonuses, which can reward you with a total bet of up to 250 times. You can also find ancient Indian artifacts, from your first step in this epic adventure, paying up to 120 times the gold hand, paying up to 250 times the sacred Taurus, up to 500 times the gold elephant, and the gold idol Indian god Vishnu pays up to 750x.

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Evoplay Entertainment's recent slot game includes features, bonuses and cute graphics. Developers have been careful not to use any recognizable football brand (in most cases), but several symbols are very familiar.

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The entire collection is licensed, you can relax and play with them, knowing that there is a good return at all times. A special fairy light will light up your game as you rotate randomly along the bottom of the reel. Fill the selected with the giant tree symbol.

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