In this elegant background, the white of the reel contrasts sharply with it, but the symbols contained on it are once again auspicious, representing extreme wealth. The symbols you will find include lucky coins, lanterns and koi rising from the water, all covered with thick gold.

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Play with the marvelous horse game Derby Express and stand a chance to win away the huge bonus and make your bounty at full house! Its just like real horse derby game but with 2D horse here!

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We did extensive searches to make sure you could get another oriental/animal experience, and by doing so we found Topstrend Gaming's Tiger Slayer. Of course, considering how close these creatures are to extinction, we have not considered too many names, but as far as these characteristics are concerned, they are reasonable in terms of variance. Gamers can play free games on medium difficulty and experience professional field games. The biggest difference between this and Dragon Tiger is that the grid of the 25 Green Line is smaller.

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The Blue Silk Dressed Jockey is a free spin jockey and his 3 to 5 will trigger a free spin bonus. Three symbols will trigger 5 free spins, 4 symbols will trigger 10 free spins, and 5 symbols will trigger 20 free spins - all prizes are tripled during this time. The Mustang appears on reels 1, 2 and 3, where he has the ability to replace all other symbols to create a winning combination. The prize is multiplied by the number of wild horses in the combination. Rewarding the horse will trigger a mysterious reward.

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In the background, you will see the dry prairie plains, terracotta and amber sky, and rock outcrops on the horizon. Tenacious trees spread around and curled up together - but what animals might be hidden underneath? Drunk Jungle plays in 3 spindles in a 3x2 configuration, making it one of the smallest slots you can find. There is only one payline for this game, but there are nine different possible winning combinations.

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What's more, the subtle blue-green background with swirls and bamboo is the ideal backdrop for all gameplay. If you don't like the theme slots and don't like the Oriental slots further, you'd better not take any more risks; Spade Gaming does a lot of good themes, but they are best at making great Asian slot machines.

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However, nothing in Genesis Gaming's portfolio is close to the simplicity of the Fa Fa Fa slot. This is a 3-reel video slot with a horizontal payline in the middle. There is only one character, a common phrase 'Fa', which is roughly translated as "Law" or "Standard". In fact, the "Any 3" bonus is the best friend in the Fa Fa Fa video slot. You only need to land three symbols of any color to win the coin. Even two identical colors and a different color will cause you to receive some cash.

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Take a moment to explore its nest when the dragon leaves, and find out the prizes you can get on the reel. The 5 reels are set to a standard 5x3 configuration and can play up to 15 paylines. If you use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to make a selection, you can reduce the number of paylines. Using fewer paylines means that your chances of winning won't be too high, but you will also get a lower bet! The odds table will show the waiting prizes, don't be afraid to leave the home screen.

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