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The icons depict the charms of various good fortune and symbols of wealth, such as money frogs, koi, peaches and golden sycees. There is also a special round icon for good luck, wealth and wealth - it's convenient when you play slot machines! The game's wild icons - portrayed by good luck symbols - are active throughout the game, replacing any normal paying symbols to complete a potential victory. However, if you play the largest number of coins, this wildness will turn golden, which basically means it will unfold on the reel. The wild icon on any rotating reel will randomly trigger the slot machine's jackpot bonus.




The scatter icon cannot be replaced by a wild symbol because it only appears on reels 1 and 5. If the two banzai tree icons are on the same rotating reel, it will trigger the free game feature, offering the following choices for gamblers: 3 free games, x18 multiplier, 5 free games, x10 multiplier, 8 free games , x6 multiplier, 15 free games, x3 multiplier, 18 free games, x2 multiplier.