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The symbol looks like a boring artist sketching in thirty seconds. All symbols are closely related to the subject, as they are somewhat related to driving. In fact, there is an exception - a pair of red dice - but fortunately there is no Aces, Kings or Queens.

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Get ready to see a lot of army helmets and shields, shiny swords and a warrior that looks like it was borrowed from that movie. And in order to get more authenticity, when you continue to rotate, the game will play a soundtrack inspired by traditional Greek music, when you enter the game's bonus round, it will enter the speeding state.

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First, you need to decorate all the latest designer fashion and accessories. We are talking about pink high heels, Luis Vuitton handbags, diamond rings and cute little chihuahuas with pink bow ties. Oh, there is a lot of cash to buy more. obvious.

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The game is simple and complex, with alternating graphics and simple design. To get a small prize, you need to match three, but if you match five, you will get a bigger bonus. All symbols are different values, and the odds table shows the value of each symbol. The background is green and is considered to be an auspicious color in Chinese culture and is decorated in an oriental style.

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War is such a child's game. Very simple. Of course, can't you find it in a complicated place like a casino? ! But you will. It is known as the casino war.

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